About this blog

Awhile ago, I got this idea that it would be great if we, the ones with the ever so tricksy neurotransmitters, had a place where we could show off our art and have other people going through similar stuff say, “Wow, that’s some cool ass art you made, great job. You did good at life today. Keep life-ing, friend”

And thus, Drawing on Depression was born. So, all people are welcome here, but I will be accepting art from anyone struggling with any type of mental health issue. Send me your art and tell me how it helped you that day. Or how it didn’t but it is pretty as hell and that’s worth something to you. Or maybe how your phthalo blue decided to explode all over you that day and it caused you to laugh until you cried because life is just so ridiculous and that is why you remember this painting and also why it looks like a Picasso painting from his blue period.

Please make sure that you’re not stealing someone else’s artwork and posting it here. This is a place to show off your work, feel good about what you’ve accomplished, on days when you are feeling like it is hard to keep going. You’re not alone.

I will be chronicling my own journey with dealing with health issues, both mental and physical, along with exploring how finding art is helping me deal with everything life has thrown my way.

Welcome to Drawing On Depression and I hope to see what you all are creating soon!

About the author

I’m just a lady, trying to convince her body that it wants to keep doing fun things. Like not having chronic illnesses. Or depression. Or anxiety. What fun does that leave, you might ask?
I guess I love sea creatures… And my puppers Nola, my boyfriend Ben, spending time with my family when I can get them to make the trek to me because my body won’t make the trek to them. Attempting to forge new friendships in the face of all these medical maladies… and trying to keep my sense of humor and my sanity throughout this all.

Tune in to see which fades first.