On Painting and Self Care: Getting Back to Basics

Art, Self Care / Thursday, February 1st, 2018



Today was the first day that I’ve felt better in… I can’t even remember how long. My body still hurts everywhere and my depression still lurks like the Lurky Lurk that it is. I haven’t solved any giant life issues. I’m still disabled with a lifetime of chronic health issues to deal with. I haven’t even gotten any help with the current health problems I’m dealing with.

But for some reason, the world weighs down on me a little less today. I feel like I can actually breathe again  and fill my lungs without the sense of impending doom overwhelming me.

This led to me making pretty things today. I wanted to express how I was feeling with a fun painting. And so, I have for you… a sea dragon. Which I painted while watching South Park. With homemade Chicken Soup cooking in the background.

I played around creating her scales. As fellow dabblers in watercolor may know… watercolor does what it wants.

I attempted to assert a tinsy bit of control and create the illusion of scales. I also went for a children’s book look. I am loving how fun it looks and am quite proud of my little sea dragon. I think the colors in her crest turned out really well too.

It’s so incredible to feel proud of something again. And it scares me to think how long it’s been since I’ve felt this way. I’m trying to work to cultivate more of these moments in my life. This blog being one of them. Hopefully it can be an area where others can show their work and feel a source of pride as well.

Things I’m proud of today:

Going to PT and actually sticking to my exercises, even though I hurt like Hell.

Creating this blog and making art and posts for it

Learning more about how blogs work(I am not tech savvy at all)

Making homemade soup for my partner and myself

I hope you guys have moments you can feel proud of today. Even if you don’t actually ‘feel’ that pride yet, I hope you can recognize that you are doing things that are good for you and taking you in the right direction. Looking forward to seeing what artwork you guys are creating and can’t wait to show it off here. I am working on creating an area where you can just upload your artwork, until then, good ole email contact is how to reach me. Sorry, I’m not yet a techie person and this blog is still… days old. So, I shall work away on it, but hope to see some artwork soon so we can build our own little community of artists.

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  1. This is wonderful! I’m not very artistic so I’ve been using an awesome coloring app called Pigment. I use it daily because it’s very calming. It helps with my anxiety and also my pain levels. And I’m usually pretty happy that I accomplished something that was fun to do. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a hobby because of my health.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.


    1. I’m so glad to hear you’ve found an app that helps with your anxiety and pain. I will have to check it out. I’m so bad at technology and never in the know on the new apps, so thank you! I know before giving this art thing a whirl, I did the adult coloring books. Kerby Rosanes has an amazing series of books that are so intricate and gorgeous and Jenny Lawson has a really fun one that is actually mental health themed and gorgeous as well. Also love anything intricate and oceany! I’m not sure if you’d like these or what type of pain you’re having, but working with oil pastels is really soothing. I just get the basic crayola ones and mash them and smear them into paper. I’ll post a picture of one and what you can do with them. You get to work them with your fingers and it’s tactile as well, so it’s really helpful to soothe your mind when it is anxious and depressed.

      Thank you for sharing back a bit about yourself and appreciating my art and I’m sorry it took me so long to get back. Depression got to me:) I hope you’re well and you are having some low pain and lower anxiety moments in your life, Sara.


    1. Thank you so much Sheryl. The depression got me down for awhile, but I’m giving it a go again(also had coding issues on my site that I needed an actual computery person to fix. Ohhh, technology! *Shakes fist at that Apple in the sky*). That whole getting back up thing can be hard. Still working on it.
      I was surfing your site awhile ago and I really enjoy it. It is put together in such a fun, yet beautiful manner. Thank you for reading and I can’t wait to find more on your site as well. And thank you for letting me know someone actually read me and mentioned it. It means so much!


    1. Thank you so much Betsy.
      The dragon was so fun. It was inspired by a pipefish, but I just wanted to make it more fun and cartoonish. And thank you so much about the beetle. Bugs are incredibly gorgeous! Spiders can stay the hell away, but bugs… bugs are pretty. I am always stunned by their different qualities and traits and how many stunning variations there are. I’m so used to thinking of them as ordinary, but they’re just— not.
      Take care,

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